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GlamBox | March

Hello guys! Yesterday I received my very first beauty box - GlamBox! I've heard about these boxes a lot, but for some reason didn't try to order any till now.

So what was my first impression? Honestly I was very surprised that my parcel already arrived. Very fast!
The next thing I've noticed - a very cute packing.

Inside the box there was a list of items.

Somehow one of those - a lipstick - wasn't in the box. This part made me a little sad. I've already seen other girls boxes and many received lipsticks and even mascara. But when I looked more closely in my box I've noticed something else - a wonderful Calvin Klein perfume! And when I smelled it (two amazing scents!!) and calculated the cost of it I realized that it more than covers a whole box prize, and my sadness vanished!

Here's a full list of things I've got:

1. Clarins Complete Age Control concentrate - 7 double samples for day and evening usage.
2. Bonacure Oil Miracle Shampoo for all hair types by Schwarzkopf.
3. Biotherm Blue Therapy cream visible signs of aging repair.
4. Biotherm Aquasource deep hydration replenishing balm.
5. Calvin Klein Euphoria and Forbidden Euphoria eau de parfum.
7. Kerastase ElixirKultime Sublime cleansing oil shampoo and Beautifying oil masque.
8. Alessandro International Hands!up Cream rich intensive anti aging hand cream - 3 samples.
9. Alessandro International Pedix Smooth Effect Rescue Balm intensive foot care for dry and cracked skin - 3 samples.
10. Guerlain Parure de Lumiere light-diffusing foundation moisture infusion.
11. A 1000 rubles (~31$) gift card to spend in TrendsBrands online shop.

From this list points 1, 3 and 8 I'm surely giving to my mom. Point 9 goes to my husband. All the others I'll keep to myself and will try them a little bit later.

As for things I've already tried:
  • Guerlain foundation - makes skin very smooth and moistured, lasts long, but after a while face becomes a little shiny. Though maybe it's too hot in my room.. All in all quite a nice foundation.
  • Calvin Klein perfumes - I like both scents, but Forbidden Euphoria is the best! It's definitely a new inhabitant of my bag!
And what about you, have you tried any beauty boxes? What do you think about those services?

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  1. классная коробочка! я смотрю в России наполнение лучше, чем у нас, хочу попробовать Американское наполнение и цены там $10-12 вполне адекватные:)
    жду свою первую Вандербокс..
    а что понравилось из пришедшего?

    1. Больше всего понравились духи Calvin Klein! Неплохой бальзам для лица Aquasource, хорошо увлажняет кожу. Тональник обычный, мой Rimmel match perfection мне нравится больше. Остальное пока не пробовала)
      Я тоже видела Вандербокс в интернете, но не заказывала. Как получите вашу коробочку обязательно напишите отзыв, очень интересно)

  2. interesting..;) I would like to try this perfumes ;D

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  4. I love the box, I haven't seen it before.. I'm going to check the website because I like all the items!!

  5. All the samples are lovely!
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  6. ММ в моей не было Kerastase такого, интересно)

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