четверг, 25 апреля 2013 г.

Big changes

Hello everyone! Last few days were very busy for me. We're starting major repairs in my room. It will include change of windows, floor, walls, radiator and even furniture. I've started from packing everything into boxes and moving them to other places in the apartment. So you can imagine how messy it is now in here... I don't want to spend my vacation days on this, so I'll have to do everything on evenings and weekends.

Of course it's going to be hard to keep up with everything at once. But I'm sure I can do it!
I already have a plan what to do first. But there's still so much to think about. I'm still not clear about the design. So if you have any ideas how to pick a new design for the room, I'll be happy to hear about it!

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  1. ah so exciting! hope it comes out as envisioned!



  2. Good luck! :D

    I'm following you with pleasure, hope you'll do the same :)

    Kiss ♥
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  3. nice blog
    Do u want to follow each other on gfc and on fb ? Let me known

  4. I am following you too now :) Good luck with decorating! :)