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10 Things to Do at the Beginning of the Year

Hello and Happy New Year to all! It's my first post in 2013th and I thought it's a good idea to have something useful in it for the start. So I decided to recall first things I personally do at the beginning of the year and made a list of advices:

1. Meet friends. New Year's holidays provide a good excuse to do that!

2. Think about a healthy diet. Overeating during the holidays is a problem for many people and loosing weight is the right thing to do if you gained some unwanted kilos.

3. Start a new hobby. It's a paradox to me, but many people become depressed after holidays, and a hobby is a good way to cheer up. Try reading books, study Photoshop, go for ice-skating, etc.

4. Sort photos made during holidays. Very uplifting!

5. Go shopping. There are big sales and great discounts out there, don't miss it!

6. Update your social networks, check your email. There may be some people waiting for your response, with congratulations or invitations maybe)

7. Go to the cinema or exhibition. We spending too much time at home on holidays, so find the reason to go out.

8. Make a list of your favourite movies and watch them with your family! Anything about Christmas and New Year, thouth romantics and comedies will do as well.

9. Play some computer game all night long! Sometimes I act like a crazy gamer and play till it's almost morning, holidays is the best time for this cause theres no need to wake up early the next day)

10. Go take pictures of snowflakes. It has become a sort of a tradition for me, I like making pictures of snow and though this season it's not much of it, I will find a moment to catch a good shot!

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