вторник, 18 декабря 2012 г.

Oxford instagram

Hi everyone! I'm on a holiday right now in a beautiful place - in Oxford. I have a week to wander around the place, mostly by myself alone. The architecture of Oxford is really stunning and it's impossible not to make pictures of these nice buildings. I don't like to take my camera with me when I'm alone, so I'm taking pictures basically with my phone (sorry for quality). Anyway, I've chosen some pictures to share with you just to show you the atmosphere of the place.
The first picture - me and the Christ Church at the back. The second one - The Exeter College.

Next two pictures - parking at the bus station and the Radcliffe Camera.

Picture to the left was taken from St. Mary's Church, where you can climb the tower and get an amazing view of the whole city! Picture to the right - Oxford University Museum of Natural History - lots of bones, bugs, minerals, and many more!

Next picture to the left - grounds of the Jesus College. Note the blooming tree (in the middle of december!). Picture to the right - the Balliol College and a Christmas tree in the middle of the Broad St.

And the last two pictures here - to the right - me at the King's Arms pug, a very nice one! And to the left - the Hall inside the Christ Church where Harry Potter was filming! Look's quite smaller than in a film, but still very impressive)

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