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LipFactory Inc | July and August 2013

Today I want to show you some products I've received from a LipFactory service! Since I've already checked out our local Russian boxes I wanted to try something new. And I found Lipfactory - an International beauty box service located in Orlando. As it's said on their site "Lip Factory Inc is an exclusive, affordable, makeup subscription service". It costs $22 per month for US, and +10$ if you're in Russia like me. I already have two boxes - July's and August's boxes. Let's start from July's box.

The box is quite small but very cute! As this month was their anniversary, the box was packed inside a larger box to fit in some additional bonuses.

Here's the whole list of items I've received:

1. Pureceuticals Clarifying skin crème
2. Kur Nourishing cuticle oil
3. NCLA Nail wrap - It don't matter
4. LaSplash cosmetics - Smoky eye shadow duo
5. LaSplash Nail polish - Blowfish
6. Belleme cosmetics - Don't smudge eye liner in black
7. Korres Cherry lip gloss
8. Blender sponge by LipFactory inc
9. 29 Luxury goods - Lip line maker Cork it
10. Be a bombshell cosmetics - Kiss off lip gloss

Now what I think about the box? I LOVE it! First - I really love Korres products and I'm very excited to try their lip gloss! The Smoky eye shadows look great! I also wanted to buy a nail polish with a yellow shade like this! And one more amazing thing - Don't smudge eyeliner with a nice texture and a sharpener on the back! 

Ok, moving on to the next box - the August one.

Inside there was a cute leaflet saying - LipFactory presents: The Diva in You.

This time no bonuses inside. The items I've got:

1. Sweetpea & Fay Lip joule
2. NYX Wonder pencil
3. Me Me Me cosmetics Shimmer stack
4. Red cherry natural lashes
5. ColourU cosmetics Matte lipstick
6. White towel makeup remover

The most interesting item here is NYX Wonder pencil that is said to conquer 3 make-up tasks - conceal blemishes, line lips against lipstick fading and brighten eyes along the water line. My favorite thing in the box is Me Me Me shimmer stack with 5 powders, I just love the nude colors! And I feel so lucky to have a lipstick with a Skinny Dip color. It's one of the colors I prefer to wear while I've seen many girls received a dark purple one which is terrible.

All in all I'm very pleased with both boxes and I think now I won't need to refresh my make-up supplies for at least half a year! So thank you LipFactory for your great boxes! And thank you guys for reading! Have a wonderful week!

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