четверг, 29 августа 2013 г.

New favourites

Hello guys! Today I'd like to make a short note about things you can buy in Greece. I won't say anything about souvenirs like magnets and trinkets though. Instead I'll show you some Greek cosmetics and spices.

Korres Mint tea showergel \ Clinique chubby sticks in three colors

These two items I've bought in Duty-free shop and they really became my favourites now! I love Korres products and I was going to buy some in local stores in Rhodes but I couldn't find any of those anywhere except Duty-free and that's kind of weird. As for Clinique sticks - it's not a Greek product but it's unavailable in my home town while I wanted so bad to try them out.

Olympia Olive oil \ North Mylopotamos Olive oil \ Salad mix \ Bee wax with Calendula Balsam

One more nice product I've found in some local Greek store was Bee wax extremely healing balsam - very helpful after getting a solar burn. And of course you just can't leave Greece without buying local olive oils and spices. These Olive oils taste a bit different from those we have in our stores in Russia and it was very nice to have a chance to try the real Greek ones.
As for Greek wines and honeys - I honestly didn't like much the taste of wines. And we have lots of honey sold in Russia. So I decided not to buy any of these.

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  4. i own one of the chubby sticks in a light pink, i'm obsessed!

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  5. Love clinique products


  6. I love Clinique's chubby sticks! :)

  7. The shower gel must be great! Nice products.



  8. Priwjet Victoria,

    krasiwoi blog i krasiwoie produktoi!

    Love that Korres shower gel, the scent sounds so good! And the Chubby Sticks are really amazing.
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  10. Really lovely post! Thank you for introducing me to these products! :)


  11. these look like great products.. I'm always trying to find the best products.. thanks for the tip :)

  12. i love korres products!!! I use them all the time!!!


  13. What kind of salad is that mix for? I've never seen anything like it!

    And the clinique packaging is so pretty!


    1. It contains oregano, mint, basil and other spices. I think it'll be perfect for salads with tomatos)

  14. I always wanted to try the clinique sticks.
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