воскресенье, 10 февраля 2013 г.

Simple Valentine's Day Cards

Hi everyone! Today I've decided to try myself in cardmaking. It's been a while since I had this in mind and when February came with St. Valentine's Day approaching I thought that it's a perfect time to start.

I chose some simple techniques as my idea was to make it quick and with minimum supplies. So here's what I've managed to achieve:


Supplies: 3 sheets of paper, paper napkin, heart-shaped chipboard, pink glitter, sticker "with love", 2 white gems, a punch.


Supplies: 4 sheets of paper, 2 stamps, heart-shaped chipboard, 6 plastic flowers.


Supplies: 3 sheets of paper, 9 purple gems, 9 heart-shaped pearls, sticker "with love".

Aren't they gorgeous? I personally like the third one best! How do you think? ;)

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